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Views Through the Lens: My Short Time at VM Sports

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

The usual blank stare or puzzled look that I get from people when I mention that I photograph bull riders is amusing to say the least. Born and raised 30 minutes outside of New York City the exposure to western sports is little to none. The majority of people I know haven't even seen a bull in their life, let alone watch one be ridden. Safe to say the only bulls people in my area know of are the ones from Chicago.

January will mark 10 months of me being with VM sports. These past months have given me the opportunity to partake in things I never thought I would. Traveling to different states around the country, being on set for a national commercial, and learning about bull riding up close and personal are few of many experiences I've encountered. I genuinely cannot be more grateful for the opportunity VM has given me. In my wildest dreams I couldn't imagine I'd be traveling the country taking photos let alone ones for professional bull riders. It really seems as if it's only the beginning and I'm exhilarated for what the future holds.

This blog will be about the opinions and experiences of a boy from New York who has found himself in the world of professional bull riding. Whether you’re experienced in the scene or not, rest assured I'm no expert by any means. It’s all just my point of view from in and outside the camera lens

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