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PBR Global Cup - A Quick Rundown

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

The PBR hosts its annual Global Cup at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX this weekend. This exciting team-style competition is for the ultimate bragging rights in bull riding for which country is king. The global cup is one of my favorite events to watch. The bull riders seem to put in a little more effort than usual and give every ounce that they have to bring that Global Cup trophy home. I'll be giving a little run down of the Global Cup and what teams are on the radar to win.

There are six teams representing five different countries; Team Australia, Team Brazil, Team USA (Eagles), Team USA (Wolves), Team Canada, and Team Mexico. Almost every year, the Global Cup goes down to the wire with two teams, Team USA Eagles and Team Brazil, and the way the teams are looking this year, the trend is looking to be the same.

Dakota Louis of Team USA Wolves - Photo by Nathan Meyer

Here's how the two teams stack up:

Team USA Eagles, Coached by PBR Legend Ross Coleman, riders are Mason Taylor, Chase Dougherty, Boudreaux Campbell, Stetson Wright, and Dalton Kasel. Team Brazil, coached by PBR Ring of Honor inductee Robson Palermo, riders are Jose Vitor Leme, Joao Ricardo Vieira, Kaique Pacheco, Silvano Alves, and Dener Barbosa. On paper, these two teams stack up pretty evenly. The Eagles' riding percentage is at 41.6% for the season, and Brazil is just a bit higher at 46% Brazil, so it's anyone's game to win.

Even though these two teams seem to be stacked, I think one sleeper team could be a big upset and win it all. That team is Team USA Wolves. Native American bull riders that represent Team USA Wolves this year consists of; Stetson Lawrence, Keyshawn Whitehorse, Cannon Cravens, Cody Jesus, and Dakota Louis. Right now, Stetson Lawrence is #6 in the world, and when everyone else on his team is feeling it, there is not a bull that they can't ride.

There have been four Global Cups, and right now, Team USA Eagles and Team Brazil are tied with two wins each under their belt. With that being said, there are sure to big some big rides, great competition, and a whole lot of pride being gained and lost by each team. It will be a good one to watch, and again, I'm pulling for a Team USA Wolves upset!

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