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  • Nathan Meyer

My Introduction in to Western Sports and the PBR

Coming from small-town South Dakota, I am no stranger to rodeo and western sports. Growing up, I never went to a crazy amount of rodeos, but it was something that I always loved doing. My favorite part always has been the rough stock events, but bull riding has always taken the cake. When I was young, I was captivated by the cowboys who would be tough enough to ride a bull, knowing they risk their lives every time they nod their heads. I never really got big into bull riding until I found the PBR while scrolling through the TV and finding it on CBS Sports when I was young. I watched the event that weekend; watching the big rides and the big wrecks hooked me.

A year or two later, the PBR announced they were coming to Sioux Falls in 2015. I was so excited and wanted to go. On the other hand, my parents did not want to go as much as I did, and I ended up winning tickets to go, and the rest is history. My family also became fans of the PBR, and we’ve been to every event in Sioux Falls since.

Marco Eguchi on "Puddle Dock Road" at the 2021 First Premier Bank/Premier Bankcard Invitational

In 2017 I created an Instagram page where I made designs of PBR bull riders. I photographed my first PBR event in 2020 in Sioux Falls and have photographed every Sioux Falls event since, even one in Sioux City, in 2021. Through making designs and taking photos, I have created a handful of relationships within the PBR, one being with the man behind VM Sports, Vinnie Malzhan. A few weeks ago, Vinnie took me in as a designer for Instagram. I am very grateful for the opportunity and can’t wait to grow with VM Sports!

Now that you’ve gotten a little background about how I got into western sports, my next blog posts will be all about western sports! Whether it’s breaking news within the PBR or just a general opinion or topic concerning a specific event or athlete, I can’t wait to share what I have to say and see what others think!

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